Begin New life on Mother Earth

Hyderabad, in general, is growing expansively in the real estate Industry and its right time to invest in homes and lands. Smart People these days are moving to invest on Farmlands in acres in Gated Communities to avoid any hassles which come with plots. These days areas such as Patancheru and Shankarpally are on the rise for investment purposes. Situated just 30 mins from Gachibowli, Financial District & closeness to ORR make them an ideal property location. We have independent and Gated community plots & acres with different sizes depending on choice & investment.

Luxurious Farm Villas & Plots

If you are looking for Farm Houses for sale in Hyderabad or Farm Lands for sale in Hyderabad your search ends at V9 Acres. It is trending for Farmhouses for sale in Hyderabad that will suit both your budget and necessary. V9 acres is coming up in tranquil and contamination free climate. All you require is a decent farmhouses for sale in Hyderabad with V9 Acres, Hyderabad is the top Indian city where you can search for farmland close to Shankarpally that has both tranquil climate and contemporary living.

Grow Orgonic & Living Organic

Hillock plot owners will have many fruit bearing trees which will be maintained by the management. Here families can enjoy the process of growing and plucking the reaped fruit. Be proud to share your produce with neighbours.


An investor who can rapidly purchase a farmhouse in Hyderabad as property can acquire a larger number of profits than the regular plotting. Every once in a while, an individual’s way of life may transform, you may need to meet the progressing pattern and individual mindset. Your investment always needs to earn more than 50% on the investment when Farmhouse in Hyderabad encourages a huge interest in approaching years.



Enjoy the Life in Bliss Of Nature

Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky

Our Mission

Protecting nature, for people today and future generations, the mission of Relive Nature is to conserve the lands, waters and the airborne on which all life depends.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where the beauty of life flourishes, and people act to save nature for it to fulfill our needs and enrich our lives. Make earth a better place of to relive ancient ages of green life.


Farm Lands Starts from (605Sqyds)

Low investment and high appreciation anticipated.

Zero Pollution

24 x 7 People Availability at Site.

Live Organic & Grow Orgonic

Crops and Fruit bearing Plantation.



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